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Scholarship Primer for Students

Scholarship Primer for Students

Published: 07/30/2014 by Submitted on behalf of EducationMatters

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There are many scholarhsips, awards and grants avalaible to students to help finance their post- secondary education.

Many Scholarhsips are awarded on achademic acheivement. Others are awarded for athletic involvement, leadership, community service and more. Check out the post-secondary institution you are planning yo attend for possible schoalrships and entrance awards.

It is important to start researching opportunities in Grade 10. You will be surprised at what is avalaible. Talk to family members and relatives about career aspriations. They may be members of a club or organization that offers awards to family members. High School Guidence counsellots can also point students in the right direction.

Be sure to check out these websites





Threse sites will outline the requirements for each scholarship and timing. Don't forget to start early. Preparing for award submission can be time consuming and requires dedication but the reward is worth the effort.  

For more information on schoalrships, grants, burseries and student aid visit http://www.canadaseducation.ca/article/post-secondary-admission.html