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Replacement Planned for Christine Meikle School

Replacement Planned for Christine Meikle School

Published: 08/15/2014 by Submitted on behalf of the Calgary Board of Education

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The Calgary Board of Education (CBE) is planning to build a replacement facility for the Christine Meikle School on an approved vacant site in Varsity Acres.


The Christine Meikle School provides educational programming for secondary school-age students who have moderate to severe developmental disabilities/delays.


The existing school is located in a 55-year-old facility that is not suitable for its current programming purpose. The facility was not designed to accommodate this type of programming, nor the highly specialized equipment required for students with complex special education needs. The CBE will work with the Varsity Community Association and residents to welcome this school to their community.


New Buddy Bench

Alexander Ferguson School is encouraging friendships by installing a buddy bench to help ensure every student has a playmate.

The idea of the buddy bench is simple: if a child is sitting on the bench, it means he/she wants to play with someone. Student ambassadors will also gift a bench to Rosscarrock School.


The initiative hopes to foster friendships, teach kids to be compassionate, celebrate inclusiveness and build community. In addition, students and parents will learn more about friendship through an in-school workshop program.


Community Partnerships

The Library to Learning Commons Project is an enhancement program through EducationMatters that provides CBE schools with seed funding to convert traditional libraries into learning commons.


Learning commons are physical and virtual learning spaces where students and teachers collaborate and create knowledge.


While newer schools have learning commons incorporated in their design, older schools lack this learning space and must undergo renovations and upgrades to their existing libraries.


The transformation includes upgrading technology, furniture and in some cases altering the physical layout of the library. With funding support from EducationMatters’ donors and school councils, the CBE has been able to create learning commons in over 20 schools.

The Library to Learning Commons Project is just one of the larger programs currently being funded through donor support. EducationMatters works with donors and provides funding for diverse programs in public education including: building playgrounds, providing artist-in-residence programs, developing new Aboriginal youth leadership programs, and providing enhanced learning opportunities for autistic students.


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