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More Students Finish High School

More Students Finish High School

Published: 08/15/2014 by EducationGroup.ca

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The 2013 high school completion rates show the percentage of students in Alberta finishing within three and five years of entering high school is growing.


In 2009, Alberta Education launched a High School Completion Strategic Framework to partner with schools and communities to better support high school students in graduating. Some student-focused programs include:


High School Redesign: 96 schools are currently participating. More flexible, student-centred learning experiences are being created. Teachers and students can focus more on those subject areas that need the most attention.


Dual Credit Opportunities: The Child Development Assistant, Pharmacy Assistant and Tourism Essentials programs allow students to earn credits for high school and post-secondary studies at the same time while they explore their passions and career options.

Advancing Adolescent Reading Initiative: This four-year research initiative provides teachers across subject areas with advanced knowledge on how to teach reading skills as part of content area instruction and identify students who need additional reading instruction.


Curriculum Redesign: Refreshing curriculum to support personalized, flexible and engaging learning opportunities (for example, through the use of technology and greater depth of study) to help students stay engaged.


New Learning Assessments Initiated

Elementary students will soon benefit from a new learning tool that allows teachers and parents to identify student strengths and areas for improvement early in the school year.

Grade 3 students will begin taking new computer-based assessments this fall, with Grades 6 and 9 following suit in 2015 and 2016 respectively. The new assessments will eventually replace the current paper-based provincial achievement tests.


The new assessments will continue to maintain a strong focus on literacy and numeracy, but will also help teachers and parents understand how well students demonstrate skills such as innovation, creativity, collaboration, and the ability to apply knowledge to different scenarios.


Eight New Calgary Schools

The Alberta government is taking responsibility for 19 new schools, eight in Calgary, which are expected to be built using a public-private partnership. The target date to deliver the new schools is 2017, however, the government is working with school boards to build them sooner if possible.


Planning and work, in consultation with school boards and municipalities, has already been completed, including; obtaining all municipal development permits; completing school facility drawings specific to the development permits; and completing site investigations, environmental assessments and geotechnical testing.


All school projects are underway and, in some cases, contracts are in place and construction site work is expected to begin this year.


Excerpts from Alberta Government press releases