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EducationMatters Helps Students Achieve More

EducationMatters Helps Students Achieve More

Published: 08/18/2014

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EducationMatters, established in 2003,  is a public education trust that provides funding for innovative programs and student awards that help Calgary Board of Education (CBE) students excel and enrich their learning experiences.

EducationMatters believes the best education happens when the community participates in its development and encourages the public to get involved and support the CBE. The two most common ways to support public education through EducationMatters is by establishing or contributing to a student award or program fund.



Each year, over 1,500 students apply for bursaries and scholarships though EducationMatters’ Student Award Program.  In 2013, the foundation provided nearly $250,000 in student awards. These awards provide critical support for students by putting a post-secondary diploma or degree within reach and help alleviate the burden of debt.

Moreover, scholarships provide great encouragement to students – financially and emotionally.  Students who have received awards often say this help came at a time when they were unsure they would be able to continue their studies.


EducationMatters makes it easy for an individual or organization to create a student award. Fields of study can span any discipline, including the arts, science, trades and technology, and range from $500 up to $25,000, with several being renewable for multiple years. 

Eligibility for student awards also varies. While many are based on academics, several are selected on financial need, community involvement or volunteerism. The founder of the award determines the general criteria by which recipients are selected by the EducationMatters Awards Committee.


Program Funds

In addition to student awards, EducationMatters funds educational enhancement programs that help make the public education system even better.

In 2013, the foundation distributed nearly $800,000 in program grants, all benefiting Calgary students and their families. Individuals and corporations support these programs by either establishing or contributing to funds that benefit students in areas such as literacy, life skills and leadership. 


The Library to Learning Commons Project is an enhancement program that provides CBE schools with seed funding to convert traditional libraries into learning commons. It is a great example of how the community directly impact students. 

Learning commons are physical and virtual learning spaces where students and teachers collaborate and create knowledge. While newer schools have learning commons incorporated in their design, older schools lack this learning space and must undergo renovations and upgrades to their existing libraries. 

 The transformation includes upgrading technology, furniture and in some cases altering the physical layout of the library.  With funding support from EducationMatters’ donors and school councils, the CBE has been able to create learning commons in over 20 schools.

The Library to Learning Commons Project is just one of the larger programs currently being funded through donor support. EducationMatters works with donors and provides funding for programs that are as diverse as the students in public education including: building playgrounds, providing artist in residence programs in classrooms, developing new Aboriginal youth leadership programs in schools and providing enhanced learning opportunities for autistic students.


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