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Summer School at CCSD

Summer School at CCSD

Published: 04/28/2015 by Calgary Catholic School District

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The Calgary Catholic School District (CCSD) offers high school courses during the summer to any student

born after Sept. 1, 1994, including students completing Grade 9 in June 2015.


Students can take up to eight credits in summer school that can include one direct-instruction course and/or a

combination of online courses. Direct instruction courses will be offered at Bishop Grandin, Bishop O’Byrne,

Father Lacombe, Notre Dame, St. Francis and St. Martin de Porres. Five-credit courses take place July 6 – 31, 2015. Three-credit courses take place July 6 – 21, 2015.


Online Classes

Students have the option of taking online courses in summer school. Most of these courses have a limited

number of mandatory attendance at Bishop Grandin High School. 



Online learning provides flexibility and the freedom to learn anywhere with an internet connection. It also requires

independence and self-discipline to complete tasks on time, especially in the condensed timeline of summer school.


There can be a significant amount of work in the online course and students need to be able to dedicate several

hours per day to the course in order to successfully complete it.


Diploma Exams

All summer school diploma exams will be written at St. Mary’s High School between Aug. 4 – 12, 2015.


New South High School

With the recent change in the south Calgary Catholic High School location, CCSD wants to provide parents and

south Calgary community members with more information about the Legacy site.


In January 2015, CCSD announced that the future school’s previously

discussed Seton/Rangeview location – near the South Health Campus— would be changed to the developing Legacy area. The Legacy site provides CCSD the ability to open a south Calgary high school during the 2017-2018 school year, which will help relieve overcrowding pressures at current receiver schools, but it will also provide room for growth.


The Legacy site allows CCSD to meet project timelines and affords the opportunity to begin construction

this year.


The Seton/Rangeview site will be in CCSD’s Three-Year Capital Plan as this site will be needed in the future

to accommodate the growing need faced in south Calgary. A large part of CCSD’s building process is through public participation and consultation at its Help Plan Our Future (HPOF) sessions.


These sessions involve public meetings and opportunities to receive input relative to procedures for school openings and admittance, as well as establishing the attendance areas for new schools. Information and feedback from the new South Calgary Catholic High School information meeting held Jan. 13, 2015, is posted online at cssd.ab.ca