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Get Ahead, Upgrade & Explore

Get Ahead, Upgrade & Explore

Published: 04/28/2015 by Calgary Borad of Education

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The Calgary Board of Education (CBE) offers a number of learning opportunities for students to get ahead, upgrade, gain work experience or explore interests during the summer.

Diploma Exam Prep

The CBE, through Chinook Learning Services, offers 15–hour Diploma Exam preparation courses for biology,

chemistry, English, mathematics, physics, science and social studies.

These courses help students review course content and learn effective exam-writing strategies. Students can choose to prepare for the exam over one week or over a “power weekend.” Class sizes are limited to 30 students.

Summer Classes

Chinook Learning Services offers five-credit high school courses in just fewer than five weeks starting July 2, 2015. A variety of 10–, 20–, 30– subjects are available. Students can choose a location close to their home or near their summer job.



Appointment times for in–person registration from May 26 – June 29 can be reserved starting May 4, 2015.



Students can also enroll in online courses through CBe-learn or take face-to-face courses in cooking, cosmetology, auto body repair, broadcasting and information technology at the Career and Technology Centre at Lord Shaughnessy High School.



Want to earn credits during your summer employment? Consider Off-Campus Education programs. CBE partners

with local companies to provide summer educational and work experience opportunities for students. Previous

opportunities have included: residential construction, plumbing, pipefitting, ironworking, cook apprentice,

automotive services and educational technology.


Students can earn up to 30 credits in Work Experience, 15 of which can be applied towards a high school diploma. Work Experience credits can also be used towards a high school Certificate of Achievement. Most opportunities qualify as Career and Technology Studies (CTS) credits.



Applicants for Off-Campus programs must be high school students, 15+ years of age. The students will be under the supervision of a certificated teacher and the employing organization. We encourage students to talk to their guidance counsellor at their high school or contact Chinook Learning Services directly for more information on the various opportunities, application requirements, and deadlines.


Calling all Musicians

Chinook Learning Services offers Summer Band Programs running Aug. 17 – 21. These programs are

designed to challenge students from Grade 5 to adult. Students can develop their musical talents whether they are a beginner or at an advanced level. The goal is to create fun and inspiring learning environments to grow

musical talents and make new friends. Choose from a half-day beginning band camp, a full-day band program 

and a one day drum-line workshop.


P.S. You’re Never Too Old to Learn

Learning is not just for kids. Chinook Learning Services offers hundreds of non-credit Continuing Education

courses for adults. Explore your passions, try something new, or build skills to advance your career. You can choose to learn over a few months or take a little time to learn a lot by registering for a Spectacular Saturday course, or learn at your own pace with online courses.



For more information or to register for diploma preparation, summer school, off-campus or continuing education contact Chinook Learning Services 403.777.7200